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Sean Bradford

Video creator & Social Media Manager

About Sean Bradford

I am a husband and father based in Wexford, Ireland creating graphics and audio media including motion graphics, VFX, video editing and visual design. I graduated from The National Film School of Ireland in 2016.

I first cut my teeth on video production in 2007. Cameras were hard to come by so the first videos I made were from capturing my monitor when playing competitive video games and editing montages of skilful gameplay. 

In 2009 I got into Adobe After Effects and Motion Graphics / VFX and started creating youth event videos. 

I decided to pursue a career in video production and studied at the Gorey School of Art as a primer before pursuing my degree in Film and Television Production from the Institute of Art and Design Technology, Dun Laoghaire,  where I graduated in 2016 majoring in Editing (Avid) and Minoring in VFX.

I started helping businesses grow online through social media video posts in 2014 and have been freelancing ever since. I have recorded conferences, shot wedding videos, created music videos, produced product advertisements and animated brand logos. I have also provided my clients with sound and graphic design services such as music production, sound effects, business cards, banners, posters and flyers for print.

I am married to my wife, Sarah Bradford, and we have a son, Enoch Bradford.

Contact me if you’d like to talk over your project or just to say hello.

About SBM

Sean Bradford Media (SBM) not only produces professional quality videos but also helps businesses market these videos online or through digital signage around Wexford town. SBM specializes in helping businesses grow their reach and influence online through video and marketing strategy (SEO, SEM, USP, KPI).