Landing Page Design

Running Facebook ads for Tradish revealed that the landing page needed some work as we were seeing a high click-through rate (meaning our ads were working) but a low amount of sales. I created an HVCO in response. Check it

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Keep it Tradish

Over the past four months, I have helped Tradish produce and create all their digital media content. From their website, videos, graphics and music. 

Check it all out here:

Summer Video Advertising

Two video advertisements I created for The Lotus in Wexford town. I also produced the sound design.



Event Banner Design

Two banners I designed for the Presbyterian churches of Wexford and Enniscorthy for their summer events. Both these banners where designed for print.


Brightspark Productions Logo Animation


The background of this title animation for Brightspark Productions was created by placing flour on a rusty drumming cymbal and hitting it.
This was captured on camera and composited to interact with the title.

I also designed the score for…

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Lotus Restaurant - Social Media Managment

I started managing the social media accounts of the Lotus in Wexford Town since December 2018.

Since my involvement, there has been an increase in reach and engagement by over 200%.
This was done through regular image/ video posts with…

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