BrightSpark Technology Logo Animation & Conference Videos

"It was a pleasure having Sean capture our conference in Milan. We have used his services on several occasions and he has always delivered quality work in a timely manner. We have booked him for two more assignments this year."

- Leigh De Paor, CEO, BrightSpark Technology

I designed and animated this logo for BrightSpark Technology. I also created the sound design for this piece.
This ident was used for all BrightSpark social media advertisements and website videos.

Above is another example of when I created the audio before the video.
This is often how I work- letting the audio lead, influence and inspire the visuals.


Since BrightSpark was in the business of selling high spec portable computer systems,
this meant that professional/competitive gamers (eSports) were the target audience for the company.

This above video was used on sponsored videos such as this one.

I helped BrightSpark Technology promote their business and videos at eSports gaming events such as the G-Series
(at the time the largest Irish eSports event nationwide).

I created video loop animations for display monitors at this event. These can be seen below.

I captured photographs of the events for use on the BrightSpark website and social media outlets.

I designed and created printed materials such as the BrightSpark banner
seen in the background of this photograph of the event.

Finally, I received the gaming footage of the final (.cfg) that BrightSpark had sponsored and cut a montage using the
gaming engine. This allowed me to get unique angles and shots that were not seen in the actual final such
as the sky/drone type shots.



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