Seventh from Adam Music Video

One of my favourite title design creatives is Kyle Cooper.
His philosophy to video production involving visual effects is to do as much in-camera as possible with real assets.
He resorts to digital and 3D effects to supplement the real effects.

This is something I implemented for this music video.
"The Seventh from Adam" is a song set in a dystopian future whereby an individual accesses an illegal broadcast.
I wanted the video to be from the perspective of this individual using a hacked machine to access this broadcast.

There were two rounds to this video.

Round 1

This included the hacked computer's GUI (Graphic Unit Interface) with sliders and buttons.
I added distortion effects to the text and GUI.

I wanted to add grain or noise to the futuristic display. Creating digital noise can be time-consuming
as it takes a lot of processing power. I got my camera, increased the ISO and shot a white wall to get natural camera noise.
I then composited this over the digital assets I had created.

Round 2

I placed a computer monitor on the floor with the Round 1 video playing on it.
I broke a pane of glass and put this over the display. I then used a large box and blankets to block out all light.
Using my camera again I recorded the display, adding natural camera shake.

The result is what you see above.

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