Wrath and Grace Clothing - Advertising Campaign

Wrath and Grace Clothing decided to promote their merchandise through music. A rapper called Result was signed to their label. I saw their first lyric video and though they could use some of my assistance as I believed it was lacking in several areas. I made contact and they brought me on board where I was working under their umbrella media company "Wrath & Grace Productions". I was tasked to create dynamic lyric music videos for Result's debut album "The Elementology".

The marketing strategy was to make several videos of the key songs on the album and have a call to action at the end to bring traffic to the Wrath and Grace Clothing website to buy the album and other merchandise. Each song had it's own lyrical unique feature, rapping backwards (Curse Reversed - Result), only using words beginning with S (Sin - Result ft. Shai Linne & IV Conerly), etc.

These videos received a lot of attention and were the inception and key feature of the online growth Wrath and Grace received.

Wrath and Grace now run a podcast, annual conference and have over 20K likes on Facebook.

"Sean has helped us on and off with multiple projects since 2014 and his skills have always been very valuable to us. He has been an integral part of our team and a key component in our growth online. Many times he took full creative responsibility and we could trust him to deliver as he stayed in constant contact with us which is important when working remotely. We have recommended his services to our associates."

- Johan Henao, Founder of Wrath & Grace Clothing

You can watch the lyric videos I created below.


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